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Why a play based preschool?

Play is a child's Work.

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Many forms of development and teaching occur when our children play:

Circle Time: Math, language, coordination/balance, manners and respect for other children and teachers.

Art Center: Representation, creative expression, problem solving, language, cause/effect, task completion, visualization, fine motor skills, and sensory experiences.

Kitchen Creations: Math/science, sequential numbering and fine motor skills.

Dramatic Play: Language, representation, problem Solving, socialization, and imagination.

Blocks and Trains: Math/science, reasoning skills, social skills, and literacy.

Sand Box: Math, language, social skills and science.

Puzzles and Manipulatives: Math, self-direction, making choices, testing predictions, and social studies.

Science Center: Math/science, reasoning, social skills, cause/effect, and language.