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What do parents say?

Being new to the area, I tried to home-school my preschooler without success. So after looking for a preschool I could be involved in, I found Pixie and knew it was going to be perfect. Not only did I get to be very involved in my child’s education, but we also both made lasting friendships. I look forward to returning to pixie with our second child in a few years!


Being able to let our son explore on his own is one big reason we chose Pixie. He has come into his own skin being the big boy he is. Pixie Play School was the only choice we needed when exploring all these other preschools. Pixie Play Schools in an amazing, fun, loving, caring, growing school. We are proud to be here.


Only when my oldest daughter went on to kindergarten did I come to fully realize what I had at Pixie: A way to be so closely involved in my child’s school experience as I won’t ever have it again, short of home-schooling. when I think of how she started to blossom in her personality at Pixie and how everything there prepared her to hit the road running at kindergarten I am so glad we took the opportunity to be part of Pixie.


Becoming part of Pixie Play School gave us a local family and, most importantly, our daughter flourished here.  She loved being able to choose what she wanted to play and to do things at her own pace.  Her interactions with all of the other mommies and daddies also helped her learn how to express her needs and having different adult interactions showed her that there are many ways to get something done.  Teacher Jessica’s documentation on her artwork gave us real insight into her development…Pixie is a special place!!